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The Best Lawn Care in Bedford, NH

The people of Bedford have their choice of green spaces that offer nearby getaways every day of the week. From bountiful sports fields and parks to distinguished favorites like the Bedford Heritage trail, you can tell the community loves its outdoors.

Since 1999, our goal at Alliance Landscaping has been to make your yard an outdoor retreat by providing professional lawn care services that transform your residential or commercial property into your favorite Bedford green space.

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Our Lawn Care and Landscaping Solutions

Navigating lawn care services from one company’s expertise to another is a trip that quickly gets overwhelming. That’s why we offer a suite of customizable services to cover all of your landscaping needs, and then some:

Alliance Landscaping proudly offers a diverse range of lawn care services, including:

  • 7-Step Fertilization Program
  • Tick and Insect Control
  • Aeration & Seeding
  • Irrigation Services
  • Tree & Shrub Care
  • Weed Control
  • Soil Enhancement
  • Fungicide Applications

Our staff includes lawn care experts, skilled landscapers, irrigation professionals, and trained pest control technicians who strive to deliver excellent customer service and results. Let us know what we can do to transform your yard into your sanctuary.

Lawn Care in Bedford, NH

Several factors stand between you and having a gorgeous lawn year-round: weather, soil composition, dehydration, leaf disease, insects—the list goes on.

Comprehensive 7-step Lawn Care Program

Decades of experience with Bedford’s weather and unique growing conditions have given us the expertise to develop our 7-step Lawn Care Program that keeps your lawn in stunning shape year-round.

Our 7-step Lawn Care Program includes:

  • Thorough property evaluation
  • Pre- and post-emergent weed control to fight crabgrass and broadleaf weeds
  • Slow-release fertilizer applications
  • Soil enhancement treatment
  • Grub control

Treatments are strategically applied by a lawn care expert to harmonize with Bedford’s weather patterns, so you can be confident our careful timing will deliver the best results!

Lawn Aeration and Seeding in Bedford, NH

If your property is patchy, has dead spots, or pooling water, our lawn aeration and seeding service is here to offer a solution. This damage-reversing process uses a lawn aerator to reduce soil compaction and thatch that keep your grassroots from receiving critical oxygen, water, and nutrients.

Benefits of Lawn Aeration and Seeding:

  • Replenishes lawn health.
  • Ensures grass and soil receive nutrients from lawn fertilization.
  • Minimizes risk of lawn disease.
  • Makes your lawn more resilient by increasing its overall health.

To quickly replenish dead spots with lush, vibrant grass, we follow aeration with lawn seeding. By immediately planting new grass seed into the holes from aeration, it’s able to mix with your current grass and promote faster growth.

Lawn Seeding Services:

  • Overseeding.
  • Slice seeding.
  • Compost blowing.
  • Customized aeration and seeding programs.

Tick and Insect Control in Bedford, NH

Bedford’s outdoor spaces are captivating. We at Alliance Landscaping find it unacceptable for you to be trapped inside because of ticks, fleas, and other needs for insect control. Our insect control programs eradicate your yard’s most annoying and hazardous pests so you can get back to enjoying your outdoor space.

Pest Control Services:

  • Perimeter pest control.
  • Full coverage insect control.
  • Tick control.

We’ll send a lawn care expert to evaluate your area and determine which of the latest pest control methods best solves your problem. Whether your focus is on tick control, billbug treatment, flea extermination, or another type of insect, you can trust our trained technicians to kill the infestation and prevent repopulation.

Irrigation Services in Bedford, NH

Proper watering is the foundation of residential and commercial lawn care, and irrigation is key to maintaining a healthy lawn. Having automatic sprinklers eliminates the task of manually watering your lawn and prevents under/overwatering, saving water by distributing the correct amount for your turf.

Our Professionally Managed Irrigation Services Include:

  • Sprinkler installation.
  • Irrigation maintenance and repair.
  • Winterizing services.
  • Irrigation system evaluation to address any issues.

Tree and Shrub Care in Bedford, NH

If your home or business is enhanced by trees, shrubs, and other ornamentals (or you wish it was), a professional landscaper will ensure your lawn’s main attractions are taken care of. Regular tree and shrub care is easily overlooked until a problem arises, so Alliance Landscaping offers a 7-step Tree and Shrub Care Program to keep your plants turning heads all year.

Receive Ultimate Care with Our Tree and Shrub Program:

  • Ornamental bed and garden weed control.
  • Insect and disease treatment.
  • Soil enhancement.
  • Fungicide control.
  • Periodic inspections.

Weed Control in Bedford, NH

Weeds are more than unattractive additions to your otherwise pristine garden beds. They greedily absorb nutrients from your other plants and flowers, attract unwanted pests, and can take over your property at an alarming rate. Knowing the despair weeds bring to your best lawn care efforts, we provide weed control services that can be applied separately or bundled with your personalized lawn care program:

  • Garden and ornamental bed weed control
  • Broadleaf weed control.
  • Pre- and post-emergent treatments.

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