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Tick Control in New Hampshire

Are you missing out on enjoying your yard to the fullest due to seasonal ticks? It's a common occurrence here in New Hampshire. Spring and summer bring with it gorgeous New England weather that transforms our backyards into outdoor living spaces. Unfortunately, the warmer temperatures mean we may have ticks and other surface insects lurking on our properties, looking for their next meal.

At Alliance Landscaping, we know that ticks are more than just an outdoor nuisance. These bugs pose a serious (or potentially fatal) threat to our loved ones and pets. As soon as the warmer weather arrives, we are on guard, protecting ourselves and our families from a multitude of tick-borne sicknesses and conditions. These nasty parasites can quickly transmit a multitude of diseases to both humans and animals, such as:

  • Lyme Disease
  • Anaplasma
  • Babesia
  • Powassan Virus

NH has even had one confirmed case of a Borrelia miyamotoi infection from a recent tick bite. If you're tired of letting ticks force you and your crew indoors throughout the spring and summer months, partner with Alliance Landscaping. Our effective tick control services reduce the population of these vermin throughout your residential or commercial property to help you take back your backyards.

Exterior Pest Control in New hampshire

Alliance Landscaping delivers perimeter tick control services as well as a full coverage surface insect program that targets not only ticks but fleas, ants and other lawn pests. In New Hampshire, Chinch bugs and Billbugs can quickly destroy entire sections of turf in a short time. Alliance Landscaping's 3-5 seasonal treatments eliminate adults and reduce the chance of re-population.

Why Choose Alliance Landscaping?

At Alliance Landscaping, we strive to make our services stand out from other lawn and turf care providers in the region. Our tick control applications are no exception. Some of our key differentiators include:

Trained Technicians

At Alliance Landscaping, we truly believe that our employees are our greatest assets. We invest in our lawn care technicians, providing the very latest training to ensure they are prepared to manage your tick problem and deliver the results you deserve.

Customized Treatment Plans

The Alliance Landscaping team knows firsthand that every property and tick problem is different. We carefully evaluate your property to pinpoint your yard's specific extermination needs. From there, we put together a customized treatment solution to effectively target ticks where they live, breed, and nest.

Cost Savings

Perhaps the biggest advantage to using Alliance Landscaping for your tick control services? Cost savings. Our fleet of vehicles is fully equipped with everything needed to manage both your fertilization and tick control needs in a single visit. We proudly offer clients price bundling on our 7-Step Lawn Care program and tick control to deliver optimal value to New Hampshire home and business owners.

Ready to let Alliance Landscaping help you take back your yard from ticks? Contact us today for a no-risk property consultation.

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