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At Alliance Landscaping, we know that fertilization, maintenance, and irrigation are all critical components of a healthy and strong lawn. However, we also know that sometimes home and business owners in New Hampshire have to take their lawn care approach up a notch from these traditional methods, especially if your yard sees a lot of heavy foot traffic. Over time, feet, paws, and tires on the grass can compact the soil preventing crucial nutrients, water, and air from penetrating down to the root system, ultimately leading to thatch and potentially significant damage throughout the property.

Some telltale signs of thatch and compacted soil include:

  • Sparse patches on lawn
  • Pooling of water throughout property
  • Brown, dead spots
  • Spongy areas

Sound like your home or business property? Your yard may be in need of professional aeration and overseeding services to offset the damage. Alliance Landscaping can help. We offer professional aeration and overseeding services throughout the region that can reverse existing deterioration and restore the overall health of your residential or commercial property.

Alliance Landscaping is an excellent complement to our 7-Step Lawn Care program and offers a full menu of aeration and seeding services including:


Our trained and skilled lawn care specialists use the very latest aeration equipment to carefully and strategically remove a pattern of small cores from your yard to allow water and critical nutrients to penetrate the root system. A properly aerated lawn strengthens the root system, improves ground tolerance, and minimizes the threat of future disease for long-term turf health.


Most properties require a seeding service after an aeration application. Alliance Landscaping's overseeding process introduces disease and insect resistant plants throughout the impacted areas of your property. Our overseeding applications expedite the healing process and quickly improve lawn density and integrity.

Slice Seeding

Sometimes a yard needs something beyond a surface seeding application. Enter our slice seeding services. Alliance Landscaping uses specialized machinery to provide direct seed to soil contact in areas where aeration & overseeding won’t be as effective. Slice Seeding is best for bare areas where a dense distribution of seed is needed.

All-Natural Compost Blowing

Alliance Landscaping also offers professional, all-natural compost blowing services to give your lawn an extra boost. Our professional crew provides this application in the fall to distribute nutrient-rich soil and ensure our seeding treatments have an optimal opportunity for success.

Customized Aeration And Seeding Services

At Alliance Landscaping, we don't believe in cookie-cutter lawn care strategies. We develop customized aeration and seeding solution to optimize results on every property that we service. Our talented team of trained technicians will carefully evaluate your lawn to pinpoint trouble spots and create a treatment plan personalized to your yard's needs.

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