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Alliance Landscaping: Additional Services

Alliance Landscaping has earned our reputation throughout the state of New Hampshire. Unlike other regional lawn and turf care companies that only offer professional fertilization or just a small selection of services, Alliance Landscaping specializes in a comprehensive range of treatments, applications, and strategies. Beyond our innovative and highly effective 7-Step Lawn Care Fertilization Program, Alliance Landscaping also delivers additional services that include:

Tree & Shrub Care

Your trees, shrubs, and ornamental plantings play a vital role in the overall health and strength of your landscapes. Unfortunately, many home and business owners overlook proper care and maintenance of their trees and shrubs – until a problem arises. Alliance Landscaping's 7-Step Tree & Shrub Care Program offers proactive protection and maintenance of your large plantings on an annual basis. Alliance Landscaping can develop a tree and shrub care approach that increases drought tolerance, fights the threat of disease, and keeps your plants thriving all year long.

Weed Control For Ornamental Beds

Here in New Hampshire, weeds can quickly take over your ornamental beds and gardens. If left untreated, unwanted growth can take over even the healthiest root systems, depriving your flowers and plants of essential nutrients. At Alliance Landscaping, we never let the weeds win. Our weed control services for ornamental beds targets and eliminates a multitude of weeds for robust and healthy landscapes throughout your residential or commercial property.

Broadleaf Weed Control

Give a broadleaf weed an inch…and it will quickly take over your entire property. If you feel weeds are overrunning your lawn and landscapes, Alliance Landscaping can help. If you choose to fertilize your own lawn, Alliance can step in to take care eliminating the weeds (or something like that). Our broadleaf weed control applications target these weeds throughout your property, eliminating them without damaging your lawn and gardens.

Soil Enhancement Services

At Alliance Landscaping, we believe that a healthy lawn starts with the soil. Unfortunately, here in New Hampshire, it can be challenging to achieve a balanced soil system, especially for yards with high concentrations of clay. Alliance Landscaping's Soil Enhancement Services can prove a perfect solution to your soil problem. Our experienced technicians carefully assess your soil's current composition. From there, we develop a customized soil enhancement solution that introduces critical fertilizers, microorganisms, and nutrients for proper pH balance.

Fungicide Applications

Funguses can pose a serious threat to New Hampshire lawns and landscapes. Some common NH fungus problems include:

  • Brown Patch
  • Red Thread
  • Dollar Spot
  • Summer Patch
  • Fusarium Blight

If you've noticed thinning brown patches and dead spots on your property, you may have a fungus problem. Alliance Landscaping's fungicide applications can reverse fungus damage and get your lawn back in tip-top shape.

Alliance Landscaping Creates Customized Service Solutions

Alliance Landscaping offers customized strategies on all of our services to optimize results with every application. We also provide bundling pricing for maximum value with our clients. Contact the Alliance Landscaping team today to hear more about our unique portfolio of lawn and turf care competencies.

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