Evolve Your Lawn with An Effective Irrigation System

sprinkler on grass

When the warm months roll around, getting that perfect green lawn will require more effort than you had hoped. Every landowner can cut down on this effort by being vigilant about their irrigation system. 

It will be vital to pay more attention to your sprinklers than you may have thought to in the past. If you look at the whole picture of lawn care, you won’t leave out routine fertilizer treatments or how often you get rid of weeds, so it’s also necessary to understand the value your irrigation system truly brings to your lawn. To make your yard thrive, you will have to understand that your grass can be affected by things like stress from the weather 

So, what things can affect your lawn that a good irrigation system can fix?

Heat Stress

If you’ve ruled out bug infestation issues, but your lawn is still having trouble staying full and green, it might be the cause of heat stress. Signs of heat stress that property owners should be aware of are discoloration, footprints being left in your turf, and even soil compaction. Having a full irrigation system can really help keep this type of stress under control. You can set your system to a more frequent schedule (In the mornings, Ensuring at least 2 inches of water per week) and allow your lawn to be well hydrated without too much change to your daily routine. 

Drought Stress 

While it sounds similar, drought stress and heat stress actually differ. Early on, drought stress will give your lawn a grey-looking appearance rather than the yellowish ones that come with heat stress. There are four signs of drought stress, which are discoloration, dehydration, pre-dormancy, and dormancy. The most important step to look for is the dehydration step, as that is the last step when your irrigation system will be able to revive your lawn from the effects of drought stress. Understanding your soil and your plant’s needs will allow you to determine how often you should irrigate your lawn when this issue occurs.

Many people tend to overlook the need for a full irrigation system because they have a garden hose that they use. Unfortunately, it is not the same thing. Using a garden hose is simply not going to provide the same benefits as a proper sprinkler system.

Irrigation System Versus Garden Hose

So what are garden hoses lacking that sprinkler systems are not?


Garden hoses are not going to reach as far as you hope. And no – it won’t be okay to overwater one part of your lawn in hopes that it spreads evenly and hydrates the part of your yard that it isn’t reaching. An irrigation system will reach your entire lawn, from the garden to the curb. 

Water Conservation

Using a garden hose to water your lawn relies on the property owner being perfectly aware of how long their lawn needs to be watered and how many times a day. With a system, you will be able to chat with a professional and create unique zones according to how your grass needs to be watered. In addition to saving water, you might even notice a lower water bill! 

Nutrient Conservation

With a hose, the water tends to be applied in a “pushing” motion which can have the opposite effect of what you want. This way, your lawn will be losing the nutrients that leak out onto the street or cement instead of holding them in. When you have a professional irrigation system, it is set up to allow the water to seep into the roots of the lawn, locking in all of the nutrients it needs. 

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